We Select A Few Of The Best Options Available

These are a variety of cases that are barely there, keep the bulk to the very least, retain the look and feel of the phone itself while protecting it from the elements around it. If you don’t mind a fraction of bulk for added protection, then this program from Spigen is the strategy to use. There’s also a faux leather effect with a gold electroplated back shell for added style. 5, 420, and there are all sorts of other casing options with carbon bodies, snake skin, alligator skin, gold accents, and diamond accents. The carbon finish even adds luxury and pleasurable grip. The Monarch shares its basic appearance with the Pathfinder, but adds metal and leather to the mix. Even after adding a 6000 mAh battery, it only adds 0. 34 inches and 5 oz to the iPhone, rendering it easy to carry around in daily life. The silicone material is strong and grippy, making it way easier to hold while feeling great.

24 Prime shipped. I loved the Leather Case on my iPhone XS Max when I had it, as it wears so great. I could probably get another half year out of it, but by then its aesthetic deficiencies would overshadow its practical benefits. You, my friend, are looking for an ultra thin case then. If we were to go with just one brand of cases for our ultra thin fill, then it would be Totallee. Are these cases not your type? I’m far from being the type to line up every year for the latest phone or buy all the high-end accessories to go along with it, but one item I never cheap out on is really a case. The Xs Max doesn’t have a mark onto it, thanks to the case. It wasn’t cheap to get that iPhone XS Max. I am going to definitely protect the most costly iPhone ever with a case. Patterned leather fills the gaps in the frame, providing a dash of rebellion to the case. Besides the frame, you also want to protect the screen of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max from scratches.

We like this case because it offers 360-degree protection for the iPhone XS Max. Think of it as like a purse for your iPhone. As expected, it is possible to charge your iPhone wirelessly even while it’s protected by the Monarch. Place two phones (or AirPods with the wireless charging case) on either side plus they charge reliably. It’s not slippery in-hand, the volume and lock buttons are still very tactile, the Lightning port is simple to access, the speakers are unobstructed, and it worked seamlessly with wireless charging. It’s a single, elegant, attractive pad that easily charges two phones at once with a port for another when needed. It’s the 256GB version, in silver. Those silver buttons are not actually metal. I didn’t have any trouble using the buttons or ringer switch. I recently upgraded to the XS Max, and the OtterBox Statement Series is the only case I’ll be using to safeguard it.

The experience of using the case is more or less identical compared to that of the Pathfinder. HIDDEN KICKSTAND. The kickstand offers optimum handsfree viewing experience. Would you consider switching to a case that offers complete adventure? As the prices for the iPhone have significantly risen within the last years, an iPhone case has become a must. Over time, the leather will develop a patina, which is basically a fancy way to describe a weathered look. After my iPhone 4S shattered from a three-foot drop onto the carpet with a case a few years ago, I gave up entirely on cases that only appear and feel good. There are all sorts of cases available in the market right now. This one’s not as thin as the options above, but it guarantees more protection than a lot of cases out there. The company makes biodegradable, compostable cases that will decompose when placed in a compost heap after you’re finished with the case.

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