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Where can I get equipment for manufacturing apparel?
You can purchase equipment for manufacturing apparel on the Apparel Search website.

Apparel that starts with ‘e’?
Elbow pads are sporting goods apparel. Earmuffs are apparel.

Definition of apparel merchandising?
s apparel merchantdising

Are nightgowns considered apparel?
I would say that, yes, nightgowns are considered apparel. Apparel is just anything that you wear.

What is an apparel buyer?
One who engages in the practice of purchasing apparel.

What is the correct spelling of apparel?
That is the correct spelling of apparel (clothing).

How do you spell apparel?
the same way as «idiot» ********************************* Apparel is correct.

What is the plural of apparel?
The plural form is apparel. It is an uncountable noun.

Where can you buy American Apparel jacket?
At the American Apparel store.

What is a sentence for the word apparel?
The man went apparel after the concert.

Apparel in a sentence?
I wore an apparel for a dance party at Christmas

Is jewelry apparel?
Yes, it’s apparel because you wear it.

When was American Apparel created?
American Apparel was created in 1989.

Where can Fox Racing Apparel be purchased online?
There are several places where Fox Racing Apparel can be purchased online. Some of these places include online apparel stores such as Apparel Zoo, Tilly’s, and Zumiez.

Where can one purchase Harley apparel?
A local motorcycle dealer will have a selection of Harley apparel. Harley Davidson also has an online store with a full selection of apparel. Harley apparel can also be found on Amazon.

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